Saturday, December 03, 2011

Moving to the New Site

Dear members of the site:

Please allow me to ask you to use this site for our future activity:

The spirit of The Night Ocean is perpetual and will never change.  Sue's kindness and generosity is behind whatever happens in our online classes. The only reason I move the site to this new address is that the name "The Leaves of Life" is mentioned in Sue's new book Wild Apples and also to give a better organization to the students writings.  These writings can be an excellen mirror to reflect the Iranian culture and life.We would also like to organize the students letters and Sue's lessons and corrections in a better and more accessible way.

I have sent an invitation to all the members of the site.  Our nonmember visitors from Canada, Asia and European countries can also refer and use the site easily since I have not restricted it to the site's members.

Any suggestion or advice to make the site better and more useful and enjoyable would be welcome.

Your old friend, Ali

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ehsan's writing

Hi dear Sue.
I know It's a long time that I didn't send a letter. Sorry I was too busy.
I Had my first term exams until Monday. They were good and I think my scores will be good too.
Before my first term exams I had a big provincial test quiz. My grades was: The second student in the class,The third student In The school and the eleventh student in the province. Now I'm very glad.
Take care.E.N

Friday, December 03, 2010

Bahman's letter to Sue,

Good suggestion
Ali told me about a new suggestion and a new site that they write articles. We can write articles about different subjects. It is good that you tell us practice and we write answer in our site. We can send our personal letters to their emails.
Tehran’s weather is very smog in these days. Respiring is difficult. Schools and governmental offices were close on Wednesday and Thursday.
Exams season will come very soon. I have a hard semester. I will have 2 quizzes in Saturday and Monday.
Take care,
Your friend,Bahman

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wild Apples

Long after Thoreau's wild apples have withered and dried, we are so fortunate as to have a writer in America, with all its uproars in industry and technology, who keeps the dream of nature and its wild apples alive for us.  How fortunate I was to encounter her and the apples that still bloom in her heart.

Sue's book has finally rested in my hands long after its writer rested in the dearest, unseen corners of my heart where very few people have ever entered.  My name is heard here and there in this book like the breeze that passes over the grass or the leaves of the trees Sue speaks so beautifully of.  This book is among the dearest gifts I have ever received in life.  Something like the Masnavi which my dervish grandfather gave me. 

Sue, I want to ask for your permission to do two things. First, if you allow us we want to make many copies of your book and distribute them among the many people who so entusiastically want to read it. And second I want to start another blog and call it "The Leaves of Life."  It is because you have mentioned this name in your book making it very special for me.  Another reason is that the organization of The Night Ocean has become a bit confusing.  Letters are mixed up with many other things.  If we go to the new blog I will transfer the precisous material from here to there and give them a better organization which will make it practically more helpful to the many people who visit it.

The gardens of my heart are full of the scent of many wild apples, Sue.  I can never thank you enough for being so brave as to write this beautiful book and for sending a copy of it to me.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

A letter from Faranak to Sue

Dear Sue,
I heard about VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) a few days ago. This technology is very common in the US and your sun is very familiar to it.
VoIP works on a network. When we use it, we can talk each other through Internet an satellites and nobody can hear our words.
For instance, you have several offices in several countries. If you use VoIP, you can dial just 2 or 3 numbers to connect to other office phones like a internal telephone network of a company.
It is just a usage of VoIP and It is used in many cases.
I said to you network is very young in Iran so VoIP isn't common here now.

I have a thesis next term. I really like to do a new and special things in this field but I don't know what I can do. It makes my mind busy.

In the US, you do most things on a network that I don't know most of them. I thank you a lot if you help me about it.
Your friend, Faranak.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bahman's letter to Sue,

Dear Sue,
Thank you for helping me. Ali told me that Henry Thoreau lived in a shack in Walden forest. I saw Walden forest in maps.
In our film that plant should go 50 meters up for light, because it was between many high trees. Therefore it couldn’t see light. Your sentence structure is much better than me, because you are a writer. You know all things that are necessary for writing a good letter. Sometimes I must change my sentence, because my circle words are little and I must make a new sentence. It is a practice for writing, because sometimes we cannot make sentences with our words. We need many words for making sentences. Sometimes we have it problem in our vernacular.
Take care,

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bahman's letter to Sue,

Dear Sue,
We saw a beautiful film in class. It is about plants. Carnivorous plants hunt by deceive. In a forest a plant for light must go 50 meters up. It is very interesting and beautiful. Like animals plants strive for life. To our eyes planet world is very slow. We saw the oldest tree in our planet. Maybe, it has seen sun rise more than 150000000 times.
We answered to IELTS listening questions too. Today’s questions were hard.
I have an exam tomorrow. It is about materials, steels and cast irons. I like this lessen and enjoy it. I should go to university 1 month. After exams I must read for Masters Entry Exam.
I hope can to pass this exam.
Take care,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The merely fallen enemy may rise again, but the reconciled one is truly vanquished.

Friedrich Schiller

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shirin and Farhad


Khosro was a Persian king and the husband of Shirin.  Farhad who was a mountain digger fell in love with the king's wife.  Noticing that Farhad will never give up his love by any means or threats, Khosro askes him to dig through a huge mountain called Bistoon to obtain Shirin.  Bistoon was made of hard rocks, but Khosro was asured that even if the mountain had been made of soft mud Farhad would have been unable to complete the task.  Farhad was so resolute and so much in love with Shirin that after a short time Khosro realized that he was sure to cut through the mountain and steal his wife away from him.  He tried to discourage Farhad in many ways, but nothing seemed to work.  In the end his advisors told him that the only way to discourage this ardent lover was to tell him that the beloved Shirin no longer existed.  The king does this.  He sends an old woman to Farhand, asking her to pretend that she is a passerby.  In the conversation that happens between them, the woman tells Farhad that the beloved for whom he is cutting through the mountain is no longer alive.  Upon hearing the news of Shirin's death, instead of hitting the ax on the mountain, Farhad brings the final blow of his ax on his own head and dies.

I have a picture of Bistoon which shows the rememnats of Farhad's ax.  Unfortunately, I could not attach it to this post.  I'll ask Faranak to do this. People visit Bistoon like a holy shrine in Iran.   If you ever visit Iran this is one of the places we will visit.

One of my nieces is called Shirin.  It is a very common name in Iran.

Ali from the land of lovers

Bahman's letter to Sue,

Dear Sue,
I think that you can find Shirin and Farhad story in internet. It is so beautiful. We have a mountain called Bisoton in Iran. In this story Farhad go to Bisoton and erase some of the mountain, because Khosro loves Shirin and Khosro is a king. Khosro kills Farhad. We have a book from Nezami Ganjavi. 5 lovely stories are in that book. I hope you can find Khamse or 5 Ganj (5 treasures) (Nezami’s book) in internet. I try to find this book if I can.
We have some lovely stories in Shahname (a book from Ferdosi). I think Shahname is in internet, because it is an internationally book.
Really, Molana jalaledin Mohammad Balkhi or Molave or Molana are names of Rumi. I don’t like to call Rumi, because Molavi is an Iranian poet.
Take care,

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